We study what your food eats.We study what your food eats.

Nourishing crops

that nourish the world

We study what your food eats.We study what your food eats.

Boosting Soil Fertility & Nutrition

with High-Efficacy Biofertilisers

With Power-Packed Multi MicWith Power-Packed Multi Mic

Enhancing Crop growth & Development

With Power-Packed Multi Micronutrients

With High-Performing BiostimulantsWith High-Performing Biostimulants

Improving crop yield & quality

With High-Performing Biostimulants

With Effective BiocontrolsWith Effective Biocontrols

Providing pest & disease resistance

With Effective Biocontrols

Inera's campaign to promote soil regenerationInera's campaign to promote soil regeneration

Meri Mitti, Mera Yakeen

Inera's campaign to promote soil regeneration

Our Products
Breakthrough Biological Farm Inputs

At Inera, we are on a bold mission to restore the golden balance between nature and science.

We help farmers enhance the health and quality of the produce through our revolutionary 100% bioabled agri inputs built using our deep understanding of biology.

We make progressive, sustainable agriculture universal.

On every acre. Globally.

Our Technologies
Feed the plant when they need it
Protects plants from stressors
Lasts longer than any other technology
Our Technologies
Feed the plant when they need it

Our proprietary technologies use enzyme activators to ensure effective nutrient uptake and delivery when plants need it the most.

Protect plants from stressors

⁠In cases of biotic & abiotic stress, our technologies enhance plants' defence mechanisms while maintaining nutrient uptake.

Make ag biologicals last longer

Our technologies employ special regenerative complexes that improve stability & shelf life for our products, reducing the required number of applications

Our R&D Core

Inera’s bio-products are developed at the heart of Xenesis, with its world class team and research infrastructure

Global Scientists
Unique Microbial Strains
Dedicated R&D Centres
Our Field Trials

Operating India's Largest Field Trials for Biologicals

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2.5 Mn+
sq. ft. of Field Trials
Agro Climatic Zones in India
Field Trials Conducted