who we are
IneraTM is an interdisciplinary biology company building on the extraordinary intelligence of nature to drive the next green revolution.

Powered by cutting-edge R&D facilities at XenesisTM Institute, Inera TM is reviving nature’s bounty with revolutionary biological inputs for growers around the world.

Through its products, Inera is on a mission to make bioabled agriculture a universal norm – on every acre, for every grower.

we’re proud of
Food Ecosystem

Clean water, clean air, thriving biodiversity, and ultimately, a livable planet for all of nature.

Biological Disruption

We are invested in placing cutting-edge biological solutions in the hands of every farmer

Giving Back To Community

We are committed to giving growers every opportunity to maximize their yield while actively restoring the planet’s health

we’re socially responsible

We aspire to build a flourishing planet Earth where humanity thrives on bioabled, sustainable agriculture.

We strive to improve human lives by extending our support to education, healthcare and social welfare.

the biological frontiers
We help growers enhance the health and quality of their produce through our revolutionary bioabled agri inputs
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