Experience real change with Inera

Who we are

At Inera, we are at the forefront of agricultural innovation, dedicated to revolutionizing the future of farming through our breakthrough biological farm inputs.

Our commitment is deeply rooted in the belief that sustainable, regenerative, and environmental friendly agriculture is not only achievable, but imperative for the well-being of farmers and the broader global community.

Salvaging Global Soil Health

Our ag biologicals employ in-house technologies to revitalise global soil health & reduce farmers dependency on synthetic chemicals. Over time, they enable a better soil microbiome, increased organic content, and enhanced availability of nutrients.

Decarbonizing Agriculture at Scale

Carbon emissions from agriculture is a key driver of global warming & climate change. At Inera, we believe that agriculture is not a problem but a gateway to the bigger climate solution. We are committed to innovating products that put carbon where it belongs - into the soil.

Safeguarding Farmers' Health

Over 0.2 Million people die each year from acute pesticide poisoning, including farmers due to their primary interaction with fertilizers. With safe biological inputs, we hope  to protect the hand that feeds us from the perils of obscure agricultural practices.

Bolstering Crop Health

Our bio-abled solutions harness nature's power to enhance crop resilience and health. We boost disease resistance, optimize nutrient uptake, and improve stress tolerance, leading to stronger plants and higher yields.

Our Process:
From lab to fields

For 4.6 billion years, life on Earth has continually evolved to thrive, inspiring Inera to pioneer Bio-Abled solutions.

From innovation to development, our comprehensive process aims to create superior biologicals by taking cues from nature. Using novel microbes, biomolecules, and enzymes, we're redefining agriculture with a bold, nature-inspired way to feed the world.

Our Process

In learning from nature's sagacity, we set out to build, Nature Intelligence Platform (NIP™), one of the world's largest database of microorganisms, biomolecules and enzymes.

With an R&D team of 150+ scientists from top institutions worldwide to decode Nature's systems, we engage state-of-the-art technology at our world-class facilities: all with some of the brightest minds in the world.

Bridging the gap from plausible to possible with the largest biological field trials practice in India spread across 2.5 Mn sq. ft to ensure every product is meticulously tested for viability, stability, and efficiency while being perfected at each step.

The robust combination of extensive research and exacting field trials opens incredible opportunities with Inera’s proprietary technologies: STREAC™, MSC™, UHRS™, BCIT™ and XenGrid™

Every Inera Product is manufactured DSIR-approved facilities to ensure a reliable experience and consistent performance for the growers

Pan-India distribution muscle with all leading dealers across micro-markets and strong on-field presence with farmers across 226+ districts and 500+ leading dealers on board.

Our Products
Breakthrough Biological Farm Inputs

At Inera, we are on a bold mission to restore the golden balance between nature and science.

We help farmers enhance the health and quality of the produce through our revolutionary 100% bioabled agri inputs built using our deep understanding of biology.

We make progressive, sustainable agriculture universal.

On every acre. Globally.

“We are optimists, and we see a future where agriculture is not just a means of sustenance but a catalyst for positive change. We see our hope as a contagious force, spreading from fields to households, inspiring a new generation of farmers.

Our ultimate mission extends beyond farmers, the food industry, and the economy. It shall realize clean water, clean air, biodiversity, and ultimately, a livable planet for life in all forms.”